Best VPN for Australia

Recently, Australia has passed a mandatory data retention law that would force ISPs to retain user data for 2 years. This new data retention laws will affect all Aussies. People in Australia are now growing more and more concerned with the security of their online activity. A secure VPN is the best way to maintain your privacy and avoid surveillance.

Finding a good VPN for Australia is more and more essential. But what is the best VPN for Australia? Well, there are a number of factors to consider. You need to consider privacy, speed, torrenting and of course, cost. However, there is no Australian VPN that is ideal, therefore you will need a guide on how to find a reliable VPN for Australia.

How we test VPN software – We are actual users of each VPN service so we are able to tell you first hand about our experience with some of these VPNs. We use different criteria to evaluate each VPN service, online privacy and security are our top priority when they are the main reasons people sign up for a VPN. Moreover, we tested the performance of leading providers on a regular basis, and used to measure the speed of each VPN services and report the result. We relied on just the facts instead of our own opinions.

So with these purposes in mind we’ve created this list to help guide you when choosing a VPN in Australia. Here is our pick for the 5 best VPNs for Australia.

1. Ironsocket


  • Based in Hong Kong
  • No usage logs
  • Shared IPs
  • SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Allows torrents
  • 3 simultaneous connections


  • Limited servers
  • No instant support

Ironsocket is a relatively new VPN company but one who offers a high level of security and privacy at a price that only PIA can match. The company is based in Hong Kong where there is no censorship or mandatory data retention laws at all. Although Hong Kong is considered to be part of China, it is not subject to China’s strict censorship laws. Additionally, Ironsocket utilizes AES 256-bit Data Encryption by default, keeps no activity logs, and uses shared IPs on its servers, so it’s a great choice for privacy and evading government surveillance.

ironsocket logo - australian vpn

The prices starts from $4.16 a month, which is pretty cheap in comparison to other leading VPN services. Ironsocket supports 3 simultaneous VPN connections, includes SOCKS5 proxy, and accepts bitcoins. While they currently only have servers in 36 countries, it’s still enough for most purposes.

Best VPN for Australian: Verdict

With all those providers out there, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the best VPN for Australia. Each one has its drawbacks. Ensure that you get the one that suits your specific needs.

ExpressVPN is our pick of the bunch. It is the best for privacy and the best all around VPN provider.

IPVanish is a US based company and is subject to US laws. But they have a strict privacy policy and do not store any traffic logs.

IronSocket is based in Hong Kong, where there are no data retention laws or censorship at all. IronSocket is a relatively new name in the VPN space and offers limited servers. But overall it provides a very rounded service with great performance and superb security.